CND Studio

Hello everyone,

You’ve probably noticed that we are inactive since december 2022.

In fact we don’t have the time anymore to maintain CND alive as it was before. Ever since its release in end 2020, CND has got every update from 1.16.100 to 1.19.50, we’ve supported x86 versions when nobody else did and the client lasted 2 full years. The fact that minecraft bedrock bores us and especially that we have no more time to develop because of high school/university forces us to close.

I don’t know what I will do with the Discord server yet or if we will ever come back.

We will release a protection-free 1.19.50 build for those who wants to continue to play with it, you don’t need to have access to the client to use it, it’s free.

I kept a list of all the CNDaccess users in case we come back in the future.

I will stay available for an indefinite time to talk, I could help you create your own client if you want to as long as you are motivated and not a dumb kid.

Thanks for supporting CND client through those years, bye ! 🫶

— Ducked